Rescuing Senior Dogs


Senior dogs deserve the best for the rest of their lives. The Mr. Mo Project saves senior dogs nationwide from living in shelters, or worse, being euthanized. We believe that senior dogs deserve homes too!



YuMOVE, Joint Supplements for Dogs, has partnered with the Mr. Mo Project to give senior dogs a new lease on life. YuMOVE has donated $20,000 along with providing monthly YuMOVE PLUS or Veterinary exclusive ADVANCE 360 dog joint supplements to every dog in their program.


We Take Action

We respond every time we learn of a senior dog in need of our help. It’s also why we are always actively recruiting foster families for these fur elderly. 


Forever Foster





Foster & Donate

Mr. Mo Project is with the dogs and their foster families from tip to tail, providing ongoing support for foster families and covering the vet bills for all of the dogs rescued for as long as they live. Yes – you read that right…For-As-Long-As-They-Live. That is our commitment to these senior dogs who are just as worthy of a home, love and care as a brand new puppy. Your contribution can help cover the costs associated with caring for our Mr. Mo Project senior dogs. 



YuMOVE, Joint Supplements for Dogs, Partners with the Mr. Mo Project

YuMOVE, Joint Supplements for Dogs, Partners with the Mr. Mo Project to Give Senior Dogs a New Lease on Life  YuMOVE donates $20,000 along with YuMOVE dog joint supplements to help every pet live their best and most active life, for life Throughout the U.S., it’s...

1st Annual Dr. Baum Award for Compassion

What an absolutely wonderful day at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Mabel got to attend their staff appreciation and award ceremony where she presented the new Dr. Baum Award for Compassion to her life saving surgeon Dr. Baum. We are thrilled...

WE HAVE A WINNER For Our Las Vegas Raffle!

Congratulations to Susan C! She won The Mr. Mo Project Las Vegas Raffle. Thank you to EVERYONE who purchased tickets. This was our most successful raffle yet, and because of you we raised close to $8,000. Congrats to Susan again, and thanks everyone for making this...

We’re Collecting Items For Our Online Auction

Pixie here to tell you that we will be doing an online auction soon! If anyone has any items that they are willing to part with to help raise money for the project, please email a picture and a brief description to [email protected] ? Once the auction is over we...

Josie the Yorkie’s Abuser Is A NC Teacher

Physical and/or emotional abuse of people and animals is always a difficult situation to comprehend. Disturbing acts such as extreme neglect that leads to illness, undernourishment, extreme emotional discomfort, and death is even more incomprehensible when done by...

Justice For Josie: New Court Date March 26th, 2019

The incomprehensible images below are taken from the same point of view: – The top after Animal Control took Josie from her abusers– And the bottom after sedation to have all of the mats, feces and urine soaked hair removed which weighed 1/4 of her body weight. How...

Check Out Our New Mr. Mo Project Video!

Learn about the people, dogs, and mission behind the Mr. Mo Program like never before… Watch it here now:

Mr. Mo Lends a Helping Hand

We received an email today about a little dog that needed some quick medical attention. When Dad called, the shelter employee said that this girl has an incredibly sad story… Imagine this, you are moving houses and in the hustle and bustle of in and out your little...

The HUGE Role YOU Play In Dog Rescue Everyday

So often we hear people say “I want to start a rescue” or “someday I want to do what you do” what they don’t realize is, they very likely have had a huge part in rescue already. Take Vlad for example. Last week Vlad was a stray dog, hit by a car. Two good samaritans...

Before and After Mr. Mo Transformations

Because of you, the Mr. Mo Project has been able to take some of the toughest cases that no other rescues would take on. Think about Barney (now Bailey on bottom) that was found in a barn with his leg snapped in two. Now, after an amputation, he is living the life in...