Transparency Is Our Philosophy

Donations are greatly appreciated and ALL money goes toward the care of project dogs. We want you to feel confident that your choice to donate to the Mr. Mo Project’s senior dogs is a good one. Here you will find each year’s financial statements in an effort to be completely open and transparent to our donors. Our raised to spend ratio is 96%, meaning that our expenses in taking care of rescued senior dogs consume practically all of the donations coming in each year. Any money not used, is kept for emergency surgeries and other unexpected expenses that can come up with the dogs. For example, this past year (2018) we raised $523,000 and spent $510,000 caring for all of the fostered project dogs including medical expenses, surgeries, and other vet bills. One or two needed surgeries for project dogs would very quickly use the remainder, so we are always operating very close to break even. If you have any questions about Mr. Mo Project’s 501(c)(3) status and financial statements, please contact us.