The incomprehensible images below are taken from the same point of view:

– The top after Animal Control took Josie from her abusers
– And the bottom after sedation to have all of the mats, feces and urine soaked hair removed which weighed 1/4 of her body weight.

How anyone can walk past this day after day and not think to yourself what the hell am I doing baffles us. We are really struggling to understand this one, we have dealt with some bad abuse cases but nothing like this.

Josie’s voice will be heard. She has endured 15 years of neglect and abuse, and the Mr. Mo Project will make sure the person that did this is held FULLY accountable.

#josiehasavoice #justiceforjosie

Despite our best efforts and everyone’s prayers and supports, Josie was not able to recover and move on to be loved by a family of her own. What she did get though, was to die in the arms of someone who loved her before they even met. We take comfort in knowing Chris (our Mr. Mo Co-Founder), was able to be there for her before passing, as seen in the black and white picture attached to this post.

The first court case for Josie to be heard was February 21, 2019 and we were hoping for the maximum penalty for her abuser.
Now that the case was moved to March 26th, 2019, we’re disappointed that the woman, a teacher, who caused Josie’s death is only facing misdemeanor charges, but she was at least suspended with pay from her teaching job. A step in the right direction.

If you can be at court for Josie to show your support, let us know here.

Wake County Courthouse
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
316 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601