So often we hear people say “I want to start a rescue” or “someday I want to do what you do” what they don’t realize is, they very likely have had a huge part in rescue already. Take Vlad for example.

Last week Vlad was a stray dog, hit by a car. Two good samaritans stopped, helped him and brought him the emergency vet, that’s rescue.
At the ER, the doctors worked to stabilize him knowing they had no means of payment, they then worked to find his owners and when none came forward then spent hours trying to secure a rescue to help him, that is rescue.

When we found out about him we knew we wanted to help but as always, funds are limited, we took to Facebook and all of you donated to help save Vlads life and leg, that is rescue.

We partnered with another amazing local rescue, Upstate Underdog Rescue, Inc. to find Vlad a foster and when ready, an adopter, that is rescue.

Did you pray for him, donate to his care, share his story, apply to foster or adopt? Then you ARE part of rescue work and the truth of the matter is, we could never do this without YOU!

Vlad went home today, he will rest and recover for the next 8 weeks, in that time he will be neutered, work on living in a home and loving life. He will be available for adoption through Upstate Underdog Rescue, Inc, please follow their page for updates on him and to see all of the great work they do.

Thank you for all of the generous donations and the overwhelming support you show us everyday, today was a good day for Vlad.