Lilly is an 11 year old beagle mix from Florida. Lilly was rescued by the Mr. Mo Project on August 7, 2014, she arrived in NY after her two day journey and was admitted directly to the vet to be treated for severe flea dermatitis, anemia and severe dental disease.

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Once Lilly was ready she was welcomed into a loving foster home and has thrived ever since. Last week Lilly stopped eating, was lethargic and jaundiced. She has been admitted to the vet hospital for IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain management.

Yesterday she had an ultrasound of her abdomen, bloodwork and x-rays and her liver is enlarged and a there is a mass behind her bladder.

This evening she will need to be transfered to the emergency hospital to be monitored over night and continue to receive fluids. It is likely more testing will need to be done and hopefully this week she will see internal medicine as she is not showing much improvement with the current treatment plan. Up to this point Lilly had been the healthiest dog in the Mr. Mo Project.

This is such an unforeseen illness that the cost associated with it has depleted our funds to cover further treatment for her or the other project dogs. Please consider donating to her care, we have made a promise to all of the dogs that enter the project that they will recieve the best care toward health and good quality of life.